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hypnosis can help you get your life back!

The word 'hypnosis' conjures up various images and feelings, some of them a bit strange or mysterious. This is mainly due to Hollywood overdramatizing its practice. Movies and TV shows often portray hypnosis as being able to cause a person to commit unusual acts in some hazy, unconscious zombie state. Similarly, stage hypnosis shows utilize the compounded power of suggestion to elicit humorous or entertaining responses. 

Real clinical hypnosis isn't as dramatic as all that! Most hypnotherapy clients experience a rather mild, pleasant interlude similar to daydreaming with their eyes closed. We use the power of focused imagination to facilitate a client's inward journey, creating a vision quest where she finds her own answers within herself. 

Hypnosis is guided imagination -- a shift from thinking mind to feeling mind

Anytime you focus your awareness or imagination, you create a state of trance. Whether you're reading a book, watching a movie, or engaging in some hobby or activity that you really enjoy, you enter an altered state of mind and body. This natural ability to zone out and focus in is something we all possess, and we do it all the time without even trying. When we choose to induce hypnosis in a clinical setting, we are merely tapping into this wonderful natural gift inherent in each of us.


Exploding the Myths About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is like sleep or unconsciousness...?
No, hypnosis is not like sleep or unconsciousness at all. In hypnosis you are awake and aware, and your conscious will is present at all times. You will open doors to inner levels of consciousness -- that's the whole purpose -- but YOU will never go away. Your mind monitors the entire experience, ensuring that you are always safe and sound.  

You can control me with hypnosis...?
No, I can't, not even if I wanted to -- which I don't. Again, you are always awake and aware, and perfectly able to respond however you wish to my verbal guidance. You may disregard any suggestion or guidance very easily, and can simply open your eyes and arise and terminate the session anytime, if that is your wish.

What about stage hypnosis shows where people seem to do crazy things...?
With stage hypnosis, a person is agreeing to go onstage and have fun. He can say to himself, 'Hey, I'm not responsible -- the hypnotist made me do it!' It's a fun opportunity to act out and be a star for a day. The best stage hypnotists are quite skillful with their verbiage. Rather than convincing a person that he IS Elvis, the hypnotist may say, "You can sing LIKE Elvis." A person always has a choice whether to accept or reject any particular suggestion. So on some level, a person is agreeing to sing like Elvis -- because he wants to! 

I could get stuck in hypnosis forever...?
No. Even in the deepest of hypnotic states, if your hypnotist left the room and disappeared, you would hear the door closing and likely rest easily, waiting for their return. After several minutes you might simply open your eyes. Depending on your patience, as more time elapsed, you would probably consider simply getting up and leaving the office. You might feel a bit relaxed or daydreamy for a few minutes, but as soon as you engaged once more with the outside world, your normal waking consciousness would activate and naturally come for

We Specialize in These Areas

Stop Smoking Today

Hypnosis is the most successful tool in breaking any habit and is 95% effective in helping you Stop Smoking once and for all. When you use hypnosis to Quit Smoking, not only is it easy, but you avoid the harmful side-effects that medications and nicotine replacement therapies may cause. You will feel great after your session and it only takes about an hour! What could be easier than that?

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Past Life Regression

Have you ever had the feeling you've been here before? Many people have felt that way and have found that amazing healing can take place when you explore this aspect of our consciousness. 80+% of the world's population believes in Past Lives. 

We offer individual and group sessions to explore this fascinating science.

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post traumatic Stress Disorder ~ PTSD

Are you or a loved one struggling from the effects of a traumatic experience? PTSD can be debilitating. Were you in the military or have you experienced some other life-altering event and just can't get past it? 

Hypnosis is an amazing tool for overcoming the emotional and psychological challenges associated with this disorder. You can get your life back and it's easier than you think. Call us for a confidential consultation to find out how Hypnosis with a master hypnotist, experienced in this area, may help you feel like yourself again!

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Learn more about how Hypnosis can change your life, make you feel better, have more confidence, gain more joy and give you an overall sense of well-being. We're here to help!

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