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Explore Your Past Lives 

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Spiritual Hypnosis
Past Life Regression * Life Between Lives
June Pothier, CHt

Discover Your Soul's Journey

Your soul's journey through the cosmos is like a colorful storybook with many, many chapters.

We all hold memories of our past lives deep within our unconscious minds. These memories may surface from time to time in dreams, in meditations, or in sudden flashes of insight. Or, they may wait tantalizingly below the surface.

One of the easiest methods of accessing these memories is through hypnosis. With the safe, gentle guidance of an experienced past life regression therapist, you will embark upon an amazing odyssey into your own soul history: 

•Uncover the root causes of present issues
•Release stuck emotions and energy
•Understand and heal relationships
•Connect with past talents and interests
•Know your path & purpose in this lifetime

What memories await within you?

Your Own Spirit Quest

In your Past Life Regression journey, you explore important soul information not through psychic readings by others, but with your own mind, your own voice, your own unique personal experience. You may choose to have your Past Life Regression therapy session directed towards a specific issue or concern; or, you may choose to be open to receive the spiritual guidance that is most valuable to you now, at this moment in your present life. 

June Pothier, CCHt ~ Past Life Regression Specialist ~

Phone: (805) 216-4118

Group & Private Sessions Available

Host a Group Past Life Regression

Share a very unique experience with your family, friends, and colleagues by hosting a group Past Life Regression!

This special three-hour event at your location will include introductions, pre-talk about hypnosis, questions and answers, a group Past Life Regression, spiritual guidance connecting the past life to the present, and afterward, sharing of individual experiences.  


Participants are encouraged to view all information on this website in preparation for their Past Life journey. Host/Hostess is encouraged to provide comfortable arrangements for guests, including water, snacks, etc.

Locations may include private homes, businesses, churches... basically anywhere we can be comfortable and undisturbed for about three hours. 


Pricing and Policies

Pricing is based on number of participants and is subject to change:

Host/Hostess is free.

6-9 people - $75 per person
10-15 people - $50 per person
16-20 people - $40 per person
21+ people - $30 per person

If substantial travel costs are incurred by me, an appropriate travel fee may be requested.

The Adventure of a 'Lifetime'

We have found extraordinary results with these group regressions. Participants continue to surprise me and exceed all of my expectations; the post-session sharing of Past Life stories always astounds me. I look forward to working closely with you to provide your group a professional, yet warm and magical experience, full of laughter, love, and learning -- one they will remember, at least for the rest of their current lifetime!

I enjoy facilitating these group events immensely -- they are really fun. I am always willing to be as flexible as possible in accommodating any special needs of your group event. Please contact me for more information.

June Pothier, CCHt ~ Past Life Regression Specialist ~

Phone: (805) 216-4118

Life Between lives

A Spiritual Journey

Where do we Go from Here?

Sometimes when doing Past Life Regression work, we may journey into a place that we term Life Between Lives. This is a realm where the soul rests and rejuvenates, taking time to reflect on the lessons learned during the physical incarnation. 

I have been trained by the foremost expert on the transition phase of the Soul's journey, Michael Newton, PhD. To learn more about this amazing work, give me a call and let's talk. 

Warmly, June


Ethics & Legal

TNI Code of Ethics

This professional Code of Ethics was created and adopted by the members of The Newton Institute in 2006.

The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy
Code of Ethics for Life Between Lives Practitioners

•In the sacred quest to provide a meaningful LBL experience, practitioners use all of their skills, training, and experience to reconnect their clients to the loving wisdom of the spirit world. In recognition of the intuitive nature of LBL facilitation, practitioners remain open to spiritual guidance when conducting sessions.

•Practitioners provide their clients with a safe and caring professional environment. The profound trust inherent in the client-practitioner relationship is respected, and therefore each LBL session is conducted with courtesy, sensitivity, and patience. 

•Informed consent is always obtained from clients after imparting clearly and honestly the range of experiences that may be realized in an LBL session. Financial policies are declared in advance, and fee arrangements are resolved before beginning a session.

•Individual advertising and promotional campaigns are truthful, and realistic statements are made regarding client outcomes. Personal qualifications are communicated clearly; factual information on relevant certifications and professional affiliations is fully disclosed to clients and prospective clients upon request.

•Complete confidentiality is honored and maintained for each client, as well as for the spiritual beings who may come forth in an LBL session. All client-practitioner communications are confidential. Client permission must be granted when recording a session and when sharing or publishing session material. Records are preserved in a secure environment to ensure privacy.

•The purity of LBL therapy as a stand-alone discipline is protected. When offering non-LBL services during the course of LBL therapy, practitioners advise clients that such services are beyond the explicit endorsement of The Newton Institute.

•In order to expand the understanding and practice of LBL therapy, practitioners may share session records with The Newton Institute’s research department after appropriate permissions have been obtained. Practitioners stay informed of new advances in the field by participating in LBL eGroups, attending Institute trainings, conducting research, and pursuing other relevant educational opportunities whenever possible. 

•Practitioners honor collegial relationships by cooperating with all of The Newton Institute’s officials and members. Practitioners speak respectfully of colleagues, and will not solicit another practitioner’s clients.

•As ambassadors of The Newton Institute, practitioners work to illuminate public awareness regarding LBL therapy. Practitioners conduct themselves in such a manner as to uphold the integrity of LBL therapy and The Newton Institute above any individual.

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