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June A. Pothier


After 33 years as an Executive Assistant with a Fortune 500 company, I was able to retire.  My career spanned many different and exciting positions including engineering, marketing, sales, and most recently External Affairs. During my entire career I was an energetic people-focused manager who was successful and worked well under pressure.  Now, I want to take what I’ve learned and share it with you.


Over the years I’ve learned that in order to be successful, it takes a 2-step approach: the “desire” to reach a goal, matched with the right “set of tools” or "action plan". We all want to be successful - whether it’s weight management, stress management, smoking cessation, or public speaking. I’ve learned it takes more than just “wanting” to lose weight, you need to have an action plan that works in conjunction with your goal of eliminating weight. With hypnotherapy I’ve stopped drinking soda, I’m now eating healthy and eliminating weight, and I’ve gained control of my panic attacks.


Perhaps you’ve tried to work on your goals before and not had the success that you were hoping for. There are many good, solid reasons for not reaching your goal - work schedule, caring for a family, going to school, and many of other life events. No matter what the obstacles were before, come work with me, let’s establish your goal, and then together develop an action plan that works for you and your lifestyle.


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of La Verne, graduate studies in Marriage and Family Counseling from the University of Antioch, and a Hypnotherapy Masters from the Vreeland College of the Healing Arts.

Contact June: 

June Pothier Contact


Phone: (805) 216-4118

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