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Do You Ever Feel Like a Failure?

We've All Had the Experience of Failure....IN fact, most of our lives we fail before we succeed.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal.

It is the courage to continue that counts."-Winston Churchill

You have not failed. You are trying. You are finding out what does and does not work. Keep on trying and you will succeed. It's okay to fail, because it means you're learning the right way from your mistakes, but don't let those failures stop you from going for what you want in life. Let’s face it, times are weird right now. Absolutely the strangest and sometimes seemingly one of the most stressful times I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime.

Things that we used to take for granted in some cases are completely different or have disappeared entirely. I have friends who have lost their businesses for something that is completely out of their control. And it is a very unnerving feeling when you’re experiencing loss and you can’t do anything to change it. This mixed with strong feelings of failure can be devastating to our mind, our emotions and even our bodies. Tony Robbins said: “There is NO such thing as failure, only growth and learning!” This is SO true. Every time things don’t work out how we planned, or we just didn’t accomplish what we wanted or intended, there’s HUGE opportunity to grow and learn, to adjust our point of view and become a better version of ourselves. We all feel, at some point in our lives, like we have failed. It might be a small failure where you felt like you didn't live up to your own expectations, maybe you didn’t follow through on your diet and exercise plan. OR it might be something bigger like losing a job, closing your business, getting divorced, losing someone close to you. But the truth is that success is not the final destination, and sometimes it takes more than one try to get back on your feet, to get it right. You know what they say about failure? It's not fatal. In fact, if you're able to learn from your mistakes and move forward with a better plan, then failing is really an asset. Failing and frustration can be that motivation you needed to apply a different approach or a new way of thinking. Failure isn't the end of the world; in fact, it might just be the beginning of something great! Don’t get down on yourself for failing at something - find out why it happened, what is the lesson, and how can you make changes so it doesn't happen again. You'll feel much better once you do! “The Pessimist Complains About the Wind. The Optimist Expects the Wind to Change, and The Leader Adjust the Sails!” John Maxwell I know you, I see you. You are not alone in this struggle. We may have different stories but we all share the same feelings of inadequacy and sadness when we feel like we've failed. The truth is that it's ok to fail because failure does not mean the end for us! That is what makes us human beings - our ability to adapt and overcome obstacles despite how hard they may seem at first glance. Take your time, look back on your failures with gratitude rather than regret and embrace them as an opportunity for growth! Think about this. As a human pretty much everything we learn to do involves failure, even learning to walk. Remember being a baby and crawling, then standing up…we fell down a lot. We kept adjusting and trying until we got it right. Imagine if after all that falling down and getting hurt, we felt horrible about ourselves and just gave up walking! Of course, that doesn’t happen. We can apply that same principle of NEVER giving up to other things in our lives. The truth is: Life changes all the time and it’s our own mindset that makes the difference in our experience whether we perceive it as good or bad. Try something new, look at everything from the perspective of your Higher or Soul Self….Remember, you’re a beautiful spiritual being having a human experience and with that comes mistakes and failure. It’s a beautiful and miraculous thing to be human. Be easy with yourself and remember, it’s still a beautiful world with a lot of opportunity to be happy no matter how situations may seem. If you’ve wandered off your healthy eating and exercise plan, let that be okay and begin again. If you need some guidance to get through it, hypnotherapy can really help get your mind and emotions in a better space, to assist you to be fulfilled and enjoy the journey. Give me a call today...don't wait to get back on track. See my special below. With Love, Pat



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