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Inner Villain or Super Hero?

Which Dominates Your Thoughts…..Your Inner Villain or Your SuperHero?

Everyone has the voice in their head that tells them things like, “I can’t do that,” “I’m not good enough,” “People will judge me,” “nothing ever works out for me,” “why should I even bother?”

We also have the voice of accomplishment which tells us we can succeed, we’ve done it before, we can do it again.

Take a moment to reflect on the many things you’ve accomplished in your life. It may seem silly, but even learning to walk and ride a bike was an accomplishment. 

You’ve accomplished many things in your life, but the inner villain will distract you from those positive experiences. 

Think about this, some of the things you accomplished were difficult, but you did it anyway. You have much more to celebrate than the “ego” or “inner villain” would have you believe.

Experts in neuro-science estimate we think something like 65,000 thoughts every day and depending on our personality type, sadly most of them are not very complimentary. The conscious mind or “personality self” is very judgmental, skeptical and often negative. 

Most of our thoughts are pretty neutral or involved in the mundane, but we all have those powerful thoughts and emotions that basically tell us we’re not good enough, because of this or because that happened, or because someone was unkind or said something harsh or critical. Our inner villain will tell us things like, “You failed last time, you’ll probably fail again,” or “your dad left you so nobody loves you.” Blah, blah, blah.

These thoughts are not true….they are a function of the ego mind. You may as easily listen to the thoughts that say you can do it, and you are loved. The good news is, you can choose to allow the positive thoughts to dominate, although it may take a little practice. Is Your Personal Story Keeping You From Achieving Your Dreams? Our thoughts are just that…….thoughts, they are not real, they do not have power over us unless we let them. When attached to, or woven into the story of our past, for example, how hard it was, how our parents left us, we were poor, etc., our thoughts and resulting emotions can keep us from moving forward positively. 

 “The Meaning I Give Anything Determines How I Feel.” John Assaraf

What we tell ourselves is the most important thing.

Sometimes our story keeps us stuck in limiting beliefs and behaviors, when we could use our story as the jumping off place for great things and the next step in our own evolution. Living in your story as a limiting belief about why you don’t deserve this or that, or will never succeed because you were no good at school, or a terrible athlete, or socially awkward….you are living as the victim of your own inner-villain.

The saddest thing I ever see is someone continuing to dwell in something that happened 20 or more years ago. It’s not necessary and you can change it.

Jack Canfield says: “So What?!!!!” Everyone Has a Story Jack Canfield was a poor white kid growing up in a bad neighborhood with an abusive alcoholic parent. He literally couldn’t rub 2 nickels together. One day he realized that it was up to him to change his fate, move beyond the past, and that he didn’t have to dwell in the story of his childhood and repeat that pattern again in his own mind. 

You may recall that Jack Canfield is the Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, which to date has earned over $2billion dollars in revenue and related products and services. What would Jack have accomplished if he did not decide to rise above his circumstances, give in to his own “inner-villain,” and never created Chicken Soup for the Soul? 

Think for a moment about all the people around the world Chicken Soup has helped. If Jack had given in to the negative, the world would be missing these amazing inspirational stories.

Embrace your own: "So WHAT?!!"

Most people have a story. Not everyone’s childhood was all warm and fuzzy with parents who loved them and Disneyland on the weekend. It doesn’t matter how difficult your life has been, perhaps it’s a bunch of “So What?!!!” as Jack Canfield describes. 

Today is the day you can recreate your life and leave the past behind or at least use it as motivation for something better.

Everything is about growth and learning. Each challenge is an opportunity to learn and go to the next level. Whenever you start thinking (or dwelling) on the past or the negative thoughts, just say “SO What!?” and keep moving forward!

As always, if you could use some extra help to get beyond the old programming, let me know. Hypnosis is a GREAT way to get the Inner Hero to dominate your thoughts and beliefs!

With Love, Pat

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