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Preparing For Your Session

How to Prepare

Past Life Regression is an adventure that anyone can enjoy, even in their very first personal hypnosis session. There are, however, several things a person can do to help maximize their regression experience.


Hypnosis, Meditation, Guided Imagery

While no prior altered state experience is absolutely required to have a fantastic regression experience, some may wish to practice or play with achieving various states of consciousness prior to their session. Any practice that calms the self and stimulates the imagination makes wonderful preparation for a Past Life Regression. Activities such as self-hypnosis, meditation, guided imagery, visualization, and simple contemplation are easy and fun, and numerous guides and examples can be found in such resources as books, audio CDs, and on the Internet.  

Planning Your Trip

You will appreciate being calm and relaxed both before and after your hypnotic regression experience. Treat your appointment like a sacred vision quest by clearing extra space in your schedule and allowing yourself plenty of time around your session.

Physical Preparation

'Dress to regress.' Wear something simple, casual, and comfortable. 

Eat a moderate meal beforehand so your appetite will be satisfied for a while. 

Refrain from using substances such as alcohol, marijuana, and excessive caffeine before your session as these may cause difficulty during extended periods in trance. A cup of coffee or tea is fine.

Mental Preparation

If you wish to explore particular issues in the regression, such as did I ever live in France in a past life, was I ever a doctor in a past life, did I know Jane in a past life, jot down your ideas and bring them with you so they can be discussed before we begin our session.

Do your best to release all preconceptions and expectations. Come to your session with an open mind and an open heart; and with a sense of trust that, whatever occurs is exactly what is meant to be explored at this particular moment in your current life.


After Your Journey

Be gentle with yourself... go home and relax. Don't think too much. Allow the session to settle within you for awhile. You'll have time later to ponder and analyze. 

Drink plenty of water, as hypnosis sessions tend to be dehydrating. Also, eat something solid to ground yourself.

Ready to Get Started? Call me today to discuss customized options for your past life experience.




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