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what some of our client's have to say

"I started smoking at 13 to be cool. I've been smoking two packs a day since then, and with this program I can't believe I ever smoked a day in my life". JR S., Ventura CA


"I started smoking when I was sixteen to fit in with my friends. I was a half a pack a day smoker for twenty-four years. With this program I quit that disgusting habit in one session. I couldn't be happier" Robin N, Ventura CA


"I had low self esteem for years, and could never get away from the feeling that nothing was going right for me. After Pat's program I'm happy again. I'm not perfect, but now I see the positive side of life." Shanna N. Camarillo CA


"I needed to pass the Insurance Broker test. I had failed 3 times before, and it was getting frustrating. After working with Pat I passed the first time. I'm very happy. " Shannon R. Camarillo CA


"After serving in military and my assignment to Vietnam I was a little depressed, and couldn't get past my PTSD. After my sessions with Pat I feel like I have a much better handle on life, and I have a set of tools that I can use when life's little moments happen." Brian D., Santa Clarita CA


"Brain injuries as a child left me with depression and anxiety, after working with Pothier Hypnotherapy I'm getting better each and every day." Scott M. Ventura CA


"Life is good. It can always be better. But after the loss of my best friend I never thought I'd say that again. Life is good." Sarah B., Denver CO


"Dealing with Stage 4 Cancer is hard. But talking with Pat has helped me in the process. I consider him a friend for life now." Lori T., Bend OR