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Can You Use Hypnosis to Find Your Soul Mate?

Could You Use Hypnosis To Find Your Soul Mate?


Visualize Your True Love…Here he comes, riding up the beach on his white stallion, with his long hair flowing in the wind…he scoops you up into his lap with his firm thighs on your buttocks and leans you over his strong arms, planting a warm, wet kiss on your hot lips.

Now that paints a beautiful picture, doesn’t it. He sweeps you off your feet and takes care of you the rest of your life, perfectly anticipating and fulfilling your every desire.

Sweet. But not really practical.

As lofty as that image is, it can still be helpful. You may find this hard to believe, but everything begins in the imagination, even finding our soul mate. Fabio probably won’t come charging up on his white horse, but you can use your imagination to begin the process of attracting the qualities you desire in a partner.

What is a Soul Mate, exactly?

I think it’s important that we define this important concept, to avoid confusion.

Your soul mate is not usually what you think it is. Most people believe their soul mate is that one special person that we’re destined to live the rest of our lives with who will fulfill our every need and desire, sweep us off our feet with romance, will love us unconditionally, be patient and attentive, and make sure we’re happy.

This is the stuff of romance novels, but in reality, it’s much different. A soul mate is someone from your soul group who has come to physical being to experience life, to learn and grow emotionally. Soul mates will often incarnate together, so they may play these roles for this evolution of our soul. Usually we attract another soul who is a similar soul-age and who has similar things to learn and experience.

A soul mate is not necessarily someone who will stay with you for long periods of time. Soul mates may show up as a sibling, a friend, a nemesis, a lover or even a life mate. You usually have a strong attraction to this person and sometimes you may even have a strong aversion.

Do you keep attracting the same kind of girl or guy? Do the same issues come to the surface regardless of who it is? Your subconscious beliefs keep bringing you the same program over and over again until you “get it” and move forward.

Moving Forward to Your Ideal Mate

Watch for patterns in your relationships. Review the relationship between your father and mother first. Look for similarities in your relationships or even exact opposites. Is it a situation of being in your comfort zone? Could it be you have things you need to work out based on your family issues? Are their insecurities that manifest from your parent’s relationships? Either way, your subconscious beliefs will keep bringing you the same emotional drama over and over again until you learn what you need to and make a decision to move on.

Six Steps to Begin the Process of Attracting Your Ideal Mate

Step 1 ~ Learning to be happy with yourself. Only YOU can fill the voids inside of you. Sometimes we spend so much time wanting that special someone to be our “everything.” We put a huge amount of energy into expectations that our ideal mate will fulfill every part of our emotional being where we feel empty and alone. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our childhood issues will never be healed from someone outside of us and unfortunately, when we misplace or project this ideal onto our partner, we create a huge amount of pressure.

Step 2 ~ Be Clear on What Qualities You Desire From a Life Potential Life Partner. Sit down with a piece of paper and write down 10 qualities that you must have in a relationship. What is the number one thing that is important to you? For example: Honesty and Integrity, energetic and athletic, kind hearted, sexy, educated, spiritual, etc. Use this exercise to get clear on the top 4 or 5 things that are deal breakers. This is very important to begin creating your vision, however, make an agreement with yourself on the things you are willing to be flexible about.

Step 3 ~ Self-Hypnosis ~ Use Your Imagination to get a Picture and a Feeling of Your Ideal Life Partner. Once you’ve gotten very clear with your list, take some deep breaths, clothes your eyes and imagine this person as energy, as a feeling, or maybe even create a form in your mind. Your imagination is the language of the subconscious mind. What you imagine for yourself, you create or attract.

Step 4 ~ Let Go of Control! Remember ~ When you spend your life with someone, you are sharing your life. You don’t become each other’s life. The belief that getting married makes you become each other’s everything, is what causes a marriage to fail. You are each individuals and you have your own life, you come together to share, not to control or govern it.

Step 5 ~ Choose your partner wisely. Let go of thinking your soul mate will fulfill your every wish and expectation. Another fallacy we buy into is that our soul mate will be with us for the rest of our lives. Be sure you have the same values and desire the same qualities in a relationship. Trust that you have each other’s back and are dedicated to each other. This is also a key component to a true soul-relationship. Life can distract us from what’s truly important, so it’s crucial to take time out for each other to enjoy and rejuvenate your relationship.

Step 6 ~ Be Romantic with Yourself ....Nothing exudes Sexy, Like Confidence! Do things for yourself that make you feel great, like exercise, take up a new hobby or do something you've always wanted to do.

Hypnosis is a wonderful way to attract your ideal mate. It can also be used to get over an old relationship that has you stuck. Want to learn more? Call me today for a FREE Confidential Interview.

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