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Hypnosis: Everything You Want...You May Have!

Hypnosis: Everything You Want, You May Have!

It’s Five O’Clock and you’re thinking……Is this all there is, this 8-5 grind, day-in-day-out….You scurry out of the office right on time and hurry home so you can work out! Yea Right! Sounds good though, doesn’t it?

The alarm goes off at 5am Sharp….time to jump into those workout clothes and hit the gym before work? But wait….what? You didn’t go…..instead you hit the snooze button and, zzzzzzzzz….”just 10 more minutes and then I’ll go…..”

Does this sound familiar? Well, it probably does. Just so you know….it’s not your fault!

You have just discovered the 2-ton elephant living in your head! That’s right. Your Subconscious Mind!

If your beliefs are not in alignment with your desire to get in shape and drop a few pounds, you will have to use all your will-power to make things happen. It’s exhausting, I know. Will-Power is a part of the Conscious Level of your mind, which is less than 5% of your mind power. Will-power is great, but you have to remember to use it, which requires a lot of effort.

It may seem very difficult to get yourself to make a change, to move forward toward your desires and dreams……because you’re programmed that way!

Your subconscious mind is all about creating habits, so you don’t have to think about it….recall learning how to drive? At first it was daunting and scary….a lot to remember all at one time….then one day, you hopped in the car, and drove….often times not even remembering how you got to where you were going.

Driving, like riding a bike, just became a habit and is now in your muscle memory. Your subconscious mind is over 95% of who you are….Are you starting to get the picture?

You Never Know When You May Have to Fend Off a Sabre Tooth Tiger!

The subconscious mind does not like change so much, because it means expending brain power. Did you know, you only have so much brain power to use each day and the part of you in charge of protecting you from danger and keeping you healthy, safe and alive, will do whatever it takes to conserve that brain energy….

Millions of Years of Evolution is at Work, keeping you stuck!

So, what can you do? Hypnosis! That’s right. When you’re relaxed, your mind opens up and you can access and “reprogram” your subconscious mind. When your subconscious mind understands that being lazy and overweight is potentially deadly for you, it can make a change, like (finger snap) that!

Suddenly, you’re excited to jump out of bed and get that 30 minutes in, sweat, stretch and tone your body and you feel great and have even more energy to face the day and the Sabre Tooth Tigers, that might show up!

The Key to Everything You Desire is the Gateway to Your Subconscious Mind ~ Hypnosis is That Gateway!

IN the relaxed state of hypnosis, you can make changes that will benefit you and move you forward to accomplishing your dreams and desires.

Call Us Today....We can design a fantastic Hypnotherapy Program to help you achieve your goals. Let's Talk!

Love, Pat and June


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