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Get the Covid 20lbs off Fast ~ Join the Diet FREE Life!

What I love about Summer....

You can feel it, Spring has sprung and Summer is just around the corner. I am already breaking out my shorts and flip flops…well, truth be told, I never really put them away! LOL I am looking forward to getting outside, toes in the sand and enjoying all the activities that summer offers.

As you may know I spent years struggling with my weight and finally found the winning combination in the Diet FREE Life program along with important and crucial mind-set changes through hypnotherapy. I’d like to share this amazing program with you. Due to the lockdowns so many have put on unwanted pounds and inches, what some of us having been calling the Covid-15, 20 or 25 extra pounds. Are you feeling frustrated because those clothes that you use to wear you don't fit into anymore, or at best are a little too tight, and you just can’t get yourself back on track to the old you? Our weight loss program addresses your relationship with food, your internal conversations (the things you tell yourself that probably aren’t true) and gives you a proven methodology to help you re-establish good food habits, a little body movement, and the mind-set for success which will help you burn body fat naturally. You can still enjoy eating the foods you love, you’re just going to do it in a different way in combinations that make you feel and look great. Everyone Knows Diets Don’t Work, and some of the most popular can in fact be dangerous to your long term health. This is NOT a diet! This is a lifestyle change where you get to eat healthy delicious foods, no feelings of deprivation or guilt, just subtle changes in the way that works for you. Through our program you’ll gain more energy, mental clarity and feel like yourself again. Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine Do you ever feel like your body has betrayed you? Seems like the pounds just keep coming even when you try really hard to eat correctly and exercise? We have been trained to eat the wrong foods in the wrong combinations that promotes weight gain. When you put the right ingredients together in delicious combinations, AND you have a positive mind set devoted to self-care, your body will respond and the fat will melt away. SPECIAL: $150 Off Get Started On Your New Healthy Life! If I can do it, so can you! Special to help you JUMP Start your new you...I'd like to give you a gift...$150 OFF my Diet Free Life Weight Loss Program! That's just 9 weeks, you'll be looking and feeling great AND you'll know how to keep it off and still enjoy yourself. CALL ME Today and Let's get YOU Started. 818-468-0777 With Love, Pat


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