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Hypnosis May Help You Discover Your Life Purpose

Have you ever felt lost in life?

Like you didn't know what you were supposed to do or where you were supposed to go?

It's normal to feel this way at some points in your life, but it's not okay to stay feeling lost forever. If you're looking for ways to find your purpose, hypnosis may be the answer for you.

Hypnosis can help connect you with your subconscious mind so that you can figure out what it is that you truly want in life. Once you know your purpose, it will be easier for you to take steps towards achieving it. So if you're feeling lost, don't worry – hypnosis can help!

"Now What? Is This All There Is?

We all go through life wondering what our purpose is, at one point or another.

What is it that we're supposed to be doing with our time? While some people seem to have a clear path mapped out for them, others find themselves lost and unsure of where to turn.

Sometimes we have completed something we were passionate about at one time and now it’s just done. This can make us feel like, “Now what? Is my life over?” I see this a lot with retired people or when a long-time career ends for whatever reason.

If you feel like you've been searching for your purpose unsuccessfully, hypnosis may be the answer you've been looking for. In this post, we'll discuss how hypnosis can help you find your true calling in life. Stay tuned! Here are 6 steps you can take to rekindle your purpose and your passion:

1. Acknowledge yourself for the great work you’ve already done. Taking time to congratulate yourself for previous achievements is very powerful in getting your subconscious mind on board for what is next. Even if your accomplishment was that you learned what not to do, that is something to celebrate.

2. Give yourself a chance to enjoy some down time…. get out in nature or do something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. Maybe hiking, biking or painting a picture, writing, taking a meditation or yoga class. Maybe you've always wanted to learn martial arts or a new language, or play the guitar. Perhaps, just relaxing and reading a good book.

3. Think about what you were like as a child. Often, we have big dreams when we’re free to imagine whatever we want. Then, life happens, and we end up in something that wasn’t really feeding our sense of self. There may be clues from childhood about your true-life purpose. Allow yourself to recall what you were like then and explore some of the things you loved then.

4. Consult with a good friend. Sometimes our best friends see us more clearly than we see ourselves. They may recognize the things we talk about with passion and can give insight into what might make us rekindle our purpose. They may also recognize hidden gifts or talents we’ve been ignoring due to our other obligations and responsibilities.

5. A simple hypnosis session can really help you in a metaphorical way that will translate into solid next steps. Remember, your subconscious mind speaks the language of ideas, imagination and metaphors. Sit quietly, take some deep breaths and get yourself into a peaceful mental state.

Imagine there are many paths in front of you but only 1 is glowing brightly with light. Now, choose that path with the “most light” and start walking down it. Or, you may even see a door, open it and step through in your imagination. The subconscious will start making things happen…pay attention to the coincidences or chance meetings. Our subconscious will lead us to the perfect circumstances for our next steps.

6. Believe in yourself and your journey. Life is an adventure with many twists and turns. Twists and turns are also new opportunities to discover something truly wonderful about yourself. Remember to follow your joy. The most successful people in the world make it a point to enjoy life. Happiness is a choice.

A coaching-hypnotherapy program can be very effective in helping you find your purpose and your passion. If you’d like to find out more about how we could work together and help you take the most positive next steps….let’s talk.

With Love, Pat



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